Where does it come from? How is it made?

Where does it come from? How is it made?

  People ask us about where we get our leather and how leather is made all of the time. Let's introduce you to our leather supplier and one of the tanneries that produce the leather we use in our products.

  First, let me tell you a little about Buckskin Leather. Buckskin is our local, go-to leather supplier. The Schluessel family have been in the business of making or selling leather for four generations. They've got outlets here in Calgary, Nanaimo and now one Edmonton. The staff really knows their shit, and can answer any questions you could have about leather and the leather industry. As you can see from the Google virtual tour of the Calgary warehouse, it's an absolute wonderland for leather crafters!

   Here is an insightful video about the traditional process of turning skins into leather from Hermann Oak, the tanner that produces our vegetable tanned leather. You'll be familiar with this great leather if you own one of our belts or wallets.

How Leather Is Made By Hermann Oak Leather from Mary Alt on Vimeo.




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